Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Terms and Conditions for Listing @

You must agree to all terms and conditions of this website.  We reserve the right to deny any unreasonable postings.  All business listings in this directory must be at least 50% black owned.  In addition, By listing your business in the directory you are verifying that your business is not a part of a Multi- Level Marketing system.  Under no circumstances will refunds be given for upgraded listings or for monthly listings.  No refunds will be given for yearly listings after the first month of listing. In addition, the set-up fee for free listings will not be refunded for businesses that are ineligible for listing in this directory.  We do not list Multi Level Marketing System businesses, agents, brokers, independent employees, non black owned businesses, or other business directories.  Listings may not contain profane language, offensive language, or nudity.  We reserve the right to deny any listing that does not adhere to our policies.

All listed businesses must be at least 50% black owned.  A valid address must be included with all business listings.  In the event that the user fails to verify that a business is black owned, the set-up fee and 10% of the listing price will not be refunded.