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Do you need a car and you don’t have time to search for one, or you been looking for just the right one for the right price. Sometimes it’s hard to spend time looking for a car because of work , babysitter,or you just to busy to find time to go car shopping. Are you tired of going to different dealerships just to here them say ( I can’t get you finance Sorry) after spending all that time in the dealership, or they tell you the car is there, but when you get there it’s sold. It feels like you been smack with bad news. You don’t have time to wast like that, you could be hanging with friends or family, or you could of just stayed at work and made more money. NO MORE time wasted at a dealerships, or on the computer looking for cars. Direct Car Company is a customer buying service who does all the work for you, from start to finish. NO MORE going to salesman to salesman explaining yourself over and over when they are just trying to get the most money out of you. Our customer service rep that you talk to, will stick with you until the end. Direct Car Company will do all the fighting for you, so you won’t have too. We will help our customers find the car they want without them doing any work. While your at home playing with your kids, or at work , or just relaxing. We have are dedicated customer service reps out their doing all the leg work for you, so you can enjoy your leisure time.Direct Car Company will do all the research on finding you the car you want. Top RepDirect Car Company ship, there’s no more wasted time, all you do is sign and drive. That’s the way it’s suppose to be. When you call priceline for your air flight or hotel. They help you find the best price and they do all the work for you, or when you go to Amazon website, everything is their and easy to buy. Even buying a house can be easier then buying a car ( now that is crazy). That is the way car buying should be, Just that easy. . We are 100% guaranteed approval and we can also get the car you want shipped to your front door.You won’t even have to leave your house, if you didn’t want too. Direct Car Company make buying a car as easy as one phone call. Call us today and we’ll make your car buying life easier.

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  • 8914 Pagewood Ln
    Suite A
    Houston, Texas 77063
    United States
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  • Phone: 8327675988
  • Fax: 8327670587
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