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There are many within the black community who go out of their way to improve the black community.  They give back in some way.  We are honored to Spotlight them here!

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Becoming disabled from the waist down is enough to stop anyone from pursuing their dreams. But it wasn't enough to stop one determined man.Anthony Stroy, the owner of the Locker Room Barbershop in Vivian, Louisiana was shot in 2005.  As a result, he became disabled from the waist down.  For many individuals, a tragedy such as this would mean the end of the world, but not for Anthony.  Anthony managed to turn tragedy into triumph.  Anthony looked at his situation and said, "NOTHING is going to stop me!", and nothing has.  As soon as Anthony was physically able, he returned…
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*** Content written and provided by Darryl Ford, Promise Communications ****** Detroit consumers are rallying behind Metro Foodland at Tailgate 27 to boost sales and support of the only surviving Black-owned grocery store in Southeastern Michigan.Tailgate 27 is part of the larger Campaign 27 that asks each consumer to commit to purchasing goods from a small business 27 times a year, spend $27 each time and recruit 27 additional consumers to make the same commitment. Community Activist Lila Cabbil is organizing Campaign 27. "Metro Foodland is a retail jewel that we want to preserve," says Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, Education Chair for…
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When I was a child my mother often spoke of a time when the black community looked out for the black community. She would speak of the times when everyone in her neighborhood was considered a family. She spoke of times when the black community thrived and worked to improve their own community. She spoke of a time when blacks were PROUD of their communities.That was my mother’s generation. My generation is different. I come from a time where the black community does not take care of itself. I come from a time when everything you hear about the black…

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