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Owners of Businesses are always looking to improve their businesses and succeed.  They are always looking for ways to make more profit.  Successful business owners not only look at what can make them succeed, but they take time to address the issues that could potentially make them fail. 

We have composed a list common issues that can cause owners of businesses to fail

  1. Being Jack Of all Trades - The Small Business Owner is often the sole employee in a business.  They are the salesman, marketer, accountant, bookkeeper, inventory clerk, and more.  Start-ups and small businesses sometimes do not think they have the funding to hire accountants, web designers, cleaning staff, and salesmen.  The successful business owner recognizes the value in hiring support staff. Successful owners of businesses recognize that the support roles in a company give the owner their biggest asset, TIME.  We've all heard the saying, "Time is money!"  The time spent organizing files, or answering phones, or simply cleaning the office can be used doing more important tasks to make your more money. Hiring someone to simply clean the office may seem minute, but can save you an hour a day.
  2. Failing to invest in personal and business development - The successful business owner knows the importance of continuous education.  Businesses and business models constantly change.  The successful business owner stays informed and invest in ways for further develop personally and professionally.  The less the business owner and staff know, the more time and money they will waist.
  3. Working like a mule - Owners of Businesses sometimes live the life of a super hero.  They think that they can do it all.  They spend time with family.  They come into the office early and go home late.  They sacrifice one of there most important tools, SLEEP.  These overworked small business owners quickly use all of their energy.  They are no longer innovative or creative.  Successful business owners embrace 'THE POWER OF SLEEP'.  Successful business owners know that relaxation time is needed for them to be able to focus throughout the day.  With proper sleep, successful business owners make less mistakes and waste less time and money.

What corrective actions have you taken in your business to combat failure and ensure success?

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