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The main benefit of a free website is obvious.  It's FREE!!!. When it comes to your budget, nothing can beat free.  You've already invested your time and money in developing your product, creating your business cards, on some custom advertising.  Why should you have to pay for a professional website design when you can get on for free.  Nothing beats Free, Right?

WRONG.  Free website packages have only one advantage, and that is the price tag.  When it comes to EVERYTHING else, you will lose with the free website EVERY TIME.   Lets take a look at the pros and cons of a free website package vs a professional website design


Disadvantages of Free Websites:


  • UGLY - ( U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi ) Like we've said before, a poor website design equates to a poor product or service
  • Limited Web Traffic (No SEO) - You want people to find your website.  They do through websites like Google and Yahoo.  If you can't be found there, then why have a website.
  • Contain banners and popup adds - These can be annoying at times.  Most importantly, you can not control the content of the banners and ads.
  • Unwanted Advertisements and pop-ups
  • Limited or no support  - When things go wrong, there are no guarantees that anyone can help you fix the problem
  • Reduced Trust - Clients are smart.  They know a free site when they see one.  Clients will wonder why you don't trust your product or service enough to invest in it.  If you don't invest in your own product, why should clients invest in you.
  • Looks like thousands of other sites.

Advantages of Free Websites:

  • FREE

Disadvantages of Professional Websites:

  • Can be costly - Though the initial costs may be more, the returns far outweigh the costs
  • Finding a good designer - All web designers are not the same.  Some are better at what they do than others.

Advantages of Professional Websites.:

  • Professional Design  - A website that truly represents your product or service.
  • SEO Friendly  - Clients will be able to find you.  More visitors = more money.
  • Ongoing support from an expert - They maintain your site so you can focus on what's important... YOUR BUSINESS!!!
  • Flexibility - Professionals know how to build sites that can be expanded in the future.  If you can not have all the features that you want now, you can add them latter.
  • Easy to use website - A professional designer will create a site that is easy for your clients.

All business owners seek to maximize profit while minimizing expenses, but don't take shortcuts when it comes to your website.  If your budget is the issue, there are several ways to minimize the design costs.

  • Be honest with your web designer regarding your budget.  If the designer knows your true budget, the designer can create a web design solution that will serve your needs and won't break your budget.
  • Have your content (photos and copy)  ready before you get a quote. The more changes your designer has to make, the higher the cost will be for you
  • Create a site with the necessities first.  Add additional features later.
  • Payment Plans.  Some designers offer payment plans to their clients to help offset the budget.

Tell us what you think about free websites vs professionally designed websites?

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