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Making money with your online business Series - Marketing

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So you've invested your time developing your product.  You have done your market research and you have a product that people want to buy.  It is finally launch day for your online business and your new website goes live.

But wait, where are the customers?  Why isn't anyone visiting your site?  Why are people not buying?

Launching your website with no marketing is like opening a Brick and Mortar business on a dead end road that has no traffic. No one knows that you exist.  The saying, "If you build it, they will come" does not apply to online businesses.  You need to take advantage of you resources.  Tell the world about your business.  Pass out business cards.  Tell your friends and family.  Attend networking events.  Find a way to get links to you website onto other websites.  List your business in online business directories like  You need to be found.

What steps have you taken to better market your business?

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